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    The Genius STEM Reader's Journal

    The Genius STEM Reader's Journal

    (We're currently only shipping to the 50 U.S. States and Washington, DC.)

    A reading companion for children ages 4-8 (or PreK-3) who are (or aim to be) avid readers of children's STEM books. "The Genius STEM Reader's Journal" features **writing** and **drawing** prompts designed to help them extract and retain STEM- and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons from each book they read or listen to.

    Completing this post-reading exercise will take a child as little as five minutes, but they may retain the knowledge for years, and could embrace a love of STEM learning for life!

    Your order includes a paperback to be shipped by mail plus a PDF download.
    Ships 2022-02.
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