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15 inspiring and informative children's books for Earth Day reading

A celebration of Earth Day 2022

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As children read books, they absorbe information and build their vocabulary. They are also developing their comprehension skills as they read. When it comes to books about Earth and the environment, the information and knowledge they pick up could be critical for the future of our world!

Reading kid-friendly Earth and Environment books can produce well-rounded citizens who will make informed decisions about their own lives, the lives of others, including plants and animals, and the fate of our planet. These books help them develop an appreciation for nature and how it impacts everything they do.

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we recommend these 15 Earth & Environment children’s books (click the banner below for the full list on Bookshop; you can also access the full list here):



15 children's books to read on Earth Day in the STEM Reads Book Club Bookshop Page


 You can also view a short video of these 15 Earth Day books on YouTube:






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