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10 breath-taking children's books about skyscrapers

A celebration of National Skyscraper Day

· Architecture,Engineering

Every year on September 3rd, the United States celebrates National Skyscraper Day. The date was chosen to honor architect Louis H. Sullivan, who designed what is believed to be the world's first skyscraper: the Home Insurance Building in Chicago

World's first skyscraper, The Home Insurance Building in Chicago (circa 1885)

The Home Insurance Building stood at 10 stories high (~42 meters) when it was erected in 1885. In comparison, the world's current tallest skyscraper is the Dubai-based Burj Khalifa, which stands at ~829 meters! 

Skyscrapers are extraordinary displays of design and engineering. That  combination is a key reason why architecture is one of the most admired occupations worldwide. 

Surprisingly, architecture wasn't always considered a STEM discipline. In 2018, the US Congress passed a bill officially designating architecture as a STEM subject. That means federal STEM funding can now be used to advance architectural studies in K-12 education.

Where inside a classroom, or outside of one, teachers and parents can introduce their child or student to architecture through hands-on activites and also through books. Here's a list of 10 books about skyscrapers, and architecture generally, for children ages 3-12 (you can find a frequently updated list of children's architecture books here):

All About Skyscrapers (Madison Spielman). A book on Epic!

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