• Top features of the STEMReads App

    We couldn't list them all! Most of them are totally FREE!

    Smart Search

    Search our expertly curated catalog of 500+ children's STEM books by STEM Theme (STEM discipline) or Reading Level. (Currently, we only curate books for kids ages 3-12).

    Save, Buy, or Borrow

    We make it easy to save the books you want--or already have to your personal digital Bookshelf. If you want to buy them, we link out to Bookshop and Amazon. If you want to borrow a book from your local library, you can do that, too!

    STEM Stacks

    This is the most exciting feature of the app. At least once per month, we will release a curated list of books (aka a "STEM Stack") that have either been expertly curated around a specific STEM topic or event (i.e. the Terrific Telescopes STEM Stack celebrates the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope) or that has been curated by, or for, partnering organizations (i.e. Carly and Adam's STEM Teacher Summit).

    Schedule Reading Time

    If you want to establish a STEM learning habit, put it on the calendar. When you see a book you want to assign to your student or child, simply pick and date and time and add it to the calendar inside the app. Trust us, it works!



    (FYI, You can actually set up individual reader profiles within the app. One reader profile is free. Multiple reader profiles are available for premium subscribers.)

    STEM Reads Calendar

    Where else can you find a calendar that features STEM events, bookish holidays, education events, and even book release dates all in one place? In this app, that's where!

    Educational Resources

    Do you want to take your STEM learning to the next level? We're gathering all the free worksheets, activities, and videos created by the publishers, authors, and illustrators into Google Drive folders for easy access.

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