• About STEM Reads

    The goal of STEM Reads is to harness the power of stories to make STEM more inclusive and accessible to every child, regardless of background or circumstance.


    STEM Reads launched in 2016 as a monthly subscription box containing children's STEM books and other goodies. (See the unboxing video below from some of our excited customers!)


    However, during the pandemic lockdown of 2020, we determined that the best way to reach more children (than we could with subscription boxes) is to build a community for parents, teachers, librarians--the adults who have the most influence on what children learn.


    If you are passionate about STEM, and particularly children's STEM books, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


  • STEM Reads "Astronaut Academy" Unboxing Video

    Second grade class at Woodmore Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee

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