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    Our mission is to help every child discover and embrace their inner STEM explorer.

  • "It has never been easier to find excellent books, games, and applications for teaching children about STEM concepts."


    — ParentingScience.com

    "Literacy skills are vital to understanding STEM concepts and will lead to success across all disciplines."

    — ReadingPartners.org

    "STEM Books for kids...lay the foundation for a Growth Mindset, perseverance, hard-work, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills."


    — KidPillar.com

  • STEM Books Worth Browsing in 2021

    Nintendo is back! An engaging read with fun black-and-white illustrations. Children will be thrilled!

    In addition to being a trailblazing astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison is also a medical doctor and a trained dancer!

    "Jack goes into the shed to experiment and doesn’t come out until he’s made another Jack and another Jack and another. But one Jack was already too many...."

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